14 October 2011

Women's Expo

Mom and I have a standing date for the women's expo that's in town. I take the day off and we go early to camp out in hopes of getting one of the free 200 gift bags. So far we've done well in getting them.

This year, we got there around 10 (the doors open at 2) and we sat, chatted and played some cribbage while we waited. Once we got in the doors, we bee-lined for a corner to go through our bags. Last year we didn't until we got home and we discovered there were a bunch of coupons and specials IN the bag that we didn't get to use because we were supposed to take them to the booths directly. So this year we made a point to go through the bag first.

But this time, there wasn't much in the bag for coupons, but we did get some cool stuff. The expo itself was fun. Mom and I always have a good time at this, and it's fun to have a Mom/Daughter day.

And we have our calendar's marked for next year. :)

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