31 October 2011

My Mom Rocks

It's that time of year when my mom's gutters get full of leaves (on her house - in case there's any confusion) and so I help her out. We've come up with a system that works well for us. I start by climbing up a rickety old ladder my Dad used when he was in construction over 20 years ago, then she hands up the yellow broom and then her leaf blower. I dig out the thick sessions, sweep out the rest and then blow the crap out of it all. It's fun.

Today was a beautiful fall day, so I was excited to be on the roof. Plus I had baked a bit this morning so I was in a good mood. And it's always fun to hang out with mom. So I had her take some photos.

I was feeling pretty "high and mighty" as it were. :)

Yep - this is my normal look during this event. The fun part is when the wind would blow back the leaves down my shirt, into my bra, and sometimes even down my pants. You gotta love leaves.

My Halloween costume. Oh wait, maybe this is just me on a normal day. :)

My mom rocks... she raked the whole backyard and then sucked up and mulched all the leaves, then stuffed the leaf bags and took them to the dump. And she's in her 60's. She's amazing and makes me really happy. Love her! She amazes me every day!

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