24 February 2011

Over stimulated

The alarm went off at 4:43 this morning, jerking me awake from my deep slumber. I snoozed once and got up 5 minutes later at 4:48. I then was out the door shortly after 5, at the gym at 5:30 and on the dreadmill at 5:35. I had 2 minutes of peaceful bliss - the lower lights on in the main part of the gym, but the lights by the treadmills off, one tv on silent but with closed captioning and no one else around.

*sigh of utter contentment*

Then a guy showed up and turned on the radio - loud - then came up stairs and turned on the lights - bright - then turned on another tv - too much too look at! - and then started another treadmill - louder.

My zen was broken. And by 6 we had a whole party of people running or ellipitcating or biking. By 6:15 I was d.u.n. done. I didn't get the full run in I should have, but I got more in and was calmer than I was yesterday ("I'm calmer than you are.").

Yesterday I ran around 1:30 pm. I thought maybe I could have some zen because most people run at noon. Apparently I'm wrong in this. The dreadmills were packed at 1:30 and by 1:50 I couldn't focus at all. It's amazing to me that I have trouble focusing with that many people running next to me and the 4 tvs on in front of me and the radio blaring, but I'm okay with focusing (until I hit the wall) during a marathon where there's the same, if not maybe more, stimulation all around me. Maybe it's because it's so condensed and closed in at the gym that it throws me off.

MS and I had talked about me getting use of my iPod again to help motivate me on the dreadmill. I thought about that this morning but I think maybe earplugs and blinders would be better.

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