23 February 2011

Celebrating the president's

MS and I both had 4 days off at the same time for once. This is a rarity in our world, so I was excited we could take advantage of it.

Sadly, I was sick all last week and with MS's low white blood cell count, that meant no kissing at ALL...still...until I'm better.

But we still had a nice weekend. I went home early from work on Friday so I could rest. I got the joy of watching the Corey's in License to Drive, a "cheesy 80s flick" from ago. And I rested. Saturday MS and I vegged for a bit and then went into town to see "I Am Number Four" which turned out to be a great movie (at least in my perspective).

Sunday we planned to go to church to meet up with Wayne as he started at our town's church this weekend, but the weather had turned icy icy icy so we stayed home and rested some more. I was slowly getting better and MS was great at forcing fruit and liquids down my throat so I could get better. He was wonderful, taking care of me and helping me to get better.

Monday we decided we should clean the house. I was feeling a little better and what better time to get rid of germs than when I'm getting over a cold. And, wow!, our house was dirtier than I thought. So this was a good thing despite my loathing of cleaning. But the house smelled nice and fresh once again.

Tuesday we parted briefly to run some errands. I had a lunch date with the girls and had to run into work to complete a document that Boss1 needed to sign this morning. Then we went out to dinner (two dates in 4 days- wow!) and to a county commissioner meeting regarding a development near where we live (long story).

Funny enough, we spent most of the weekend indoors, watching movies, or working on our projects online (he's doing an online scrapbook - and, well...I was sick so I played Bejeweled), and it was wonderful. We rarely just sit and veg - unless we're sick. And to be able to do that together (while I was the only one sick) was nice.

It reminded me just how lucky I am to be with MS and how wonderful he is for me. That's a good reminder to have.

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