25 March 2007

Fast and furious

Okay, this is going to be quick because since I don't have a computer, when I find one I have to catch up on reading all my other favorite blogs, which takes time and then I'm left with all of 5 mintues left to actually write anything on my own blog! I'm pathetic.

I am closer to buying a computer, just so you know. I'm pricing out macs and pc's and thanks to my new job I have discounts with both so I just need to pick what I like and what will work best. So hopefully in a few weeks I'll be back to blogging daily, which I need to do, and reading daily, which i miss, and life will be good again.

So last week, st. patty's day, I celebrated the little leprechaun's by running a 5K. Yep! This is my first race ever and I'm happy to report that I finished and finished with a 34:56 time. Not the greatest but considering I haven't ever done this before I'm happy. 6 months to the marathon and I met with my trainer this weekend to coordinate a training schedule. it's going to be intense but great. I'll try to keep updates here and maybe at the SB blog I used to use, at least for the food portions since i need to be tracking that again. Chubby isn't a way to run a marathon. :)

Otherwise, life isn't much different. I still love my job and it feels less like 'camp' than it did to begin with. I'm coming into my own, though it is interesting to get minor complaints from members of my section who tell me I do things differently than my predecessor. Hmm...not sure how asking them to be accountable to me if i'm cutting their orders is different from the previous CCA but okay, whatever. But other than that it's great.

I miss reading everyone's blogs, but I do thank you all for continuing to check in here with mine. Soon I'll be back to annoying you every day. :)


Keith said...

Hey there trouble...It is I Keith..remember me, former co-worker from both our previous employer. Glad to see all is well, and I could not find your email so I am hoping you can get back to me...Due to the fact of spam I will not post mine on here..lol Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on running the 5K! That is no small feat--I know many who wouldn't even attempt a mile run. So good for you! :)