31 March 2007

one more update for the month


Thanks, I just had to get that off my chest. Okay, folks. I promise that I will be ordering a new computer within the next few days. My younger older brother helped me with the specs and it's way more expensive than I was planning, but I might as well pay for something that will last me a little while.

I'm actually at his place tonight, watching the two littlest. (What do you call a group of nieces and nephews? I mean, brothers and sisters are siblings...what do you call these? niplings?) They are super cute though, but it does keep me at bay from jumping into the parenting game. (of course there is an order to that too, but not in a hurry - though that said, I'm really really getting tired of my mother constantly telling me I'll be a great mom and not to worry about the little things, like when I wanted to scream at my nephew for whining about not wanting to brush his teeth, and that it'll be different when they are my own kids...knock it off, mom...that's not helping if you really want more grandchildren.)

Okay...sorry, that's a topic for another day.

Monday is d-day...the day I start my training program with Keith. I'm very excited about this. I got a heart rate monitor yesterday and tried it out this morning while running in the rain. It's pretty slick - it'll beep fast if you've gone over your target zone or slowly if you're under and doesn't beep at all when you're right in there. This is really going to help. Amazingly, I wasn't as tired as I usually am after running 5-6 miles during the day. Usually I run and just run...with this it felt like I was walking more, but in the hour I spent running I actually was in my zone for 38 minutes, which i thought was pretty good considering. Hopefully this will help me with all my training and help my breathing as well.

Anyway, the whole program is pretty intense but I think it'll be good for me so I can really be ready for October. 6 months is going to fly by and I'm already nervous thinking about the day. Though i will say, i also have been picturing what it'll be like...hopefully I'll be as calm then as i am when I'm imagining it.


jb said...

you're gonna be great, lady, and then you're gonna leave me in the dust! i'm so proud of you ... thanks for continuing to inspire me on this!

Karen Elizabeth said...

you blogged! I tried to post a comment earlier but the stupid "you must enter your google account" and "the word verification" all worked against me and so no comment. I don't know what I said, but I'm sure it was witty, to the point, and extremely necessary for the proper functioning of your life. Now you don't know and will probably have a bad day. So stick it to blogger, or google, or word verification, or "the man."

erik g said...

great to hear your running is going well. mine is progressing, going to do a couple long races in may, to see how we will do.

hope you have a good easter. glad to see you are back blogging.

Anonymous said...

blog. or I'm un-linking you from my page. - karen

Sarah said...

I miss you.. where did you go?