24 February 2013

No sex, please! Just books.

Today Mom and I went to the community theater to see "No Sex, please. I'm British!" This was a fun mom-daughter day. (We also had lunch - fun!)

Anyway, it was the Q-tip crowd so when the lead actress was pretty quiet at the beginning and not projecting very well, several people around us started muttering (or talking right out loud), "She needs to be louder!" or "I can't hear her!" or "What did she say?" ugh.

The play was fun though and it was really nice to spend the afternoon with Mom. We need to do that more often.

After I got home, I headed south to Kari's for our first night of book club. She had put out a request on Facebook if anyone was interested and while she initially intended it for the youth in her church, she had half a dozen of us adult types who wanted to read too.

So we're reading "Red Letter Revolution". It's an interesting read by Shane Claibourne and Tony Campolo. It'll will truly engage our minds on this one, and it's really nice to have some interaction with adults who aren't talking about work all the time. It'll be fun for the rest of the spring.

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