01 August 2011

Proud of myself

Being proud is a bad thing - it steams of arrogance. But I'm proud of myself that I actually blogged 23 days last month. Crazy! Let's see if I can get 24 this month. Ha!

Today was a good day. My mom had a hospital procedure today and asked me if I'd take her in and take her home when they were finished. I agreed. It's not that this is quality time with my Mom but we did get some time to talk when she was recovering and had a few laughs.

Then I got in my car to drive and drive and drive some more. I have a conference this week, so I'm about to embark on some good ol' fashioned learnin'. It should be fun, and a short week (which is good because I have a lot of work waiting for me back home).

And I'm excited that I'm writing here again today. Hopefully I can get back into this habit. I need to write...and more than just these mini posts I had last month. Slowly but surely I'll get back into this. I just need to get back into practice...kind of like I do with my planking. :)

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