04 March 2013

Countin' the money

Today was my first official day of being an offering counter. Dave, Jess and I were on tap today. I got the updates from Jess on her ultrasound last week. She's had quite a life - a miscarriage and a stillborn on top of her other 2 kids - so the fact she's quite big for only being 32 weeks is quite concerning.

But we had fun. She's a card and so we had lots of laughs and kind of confused Dave. Oh well. We had one funny moment K&E will enjoy:

Church Secretary: "Moe?"
Me: "Yes?"
CS: "Do you want offering envelopes?"
Me: (quite in shock, but starting to chuckle) "Sure, that'd be great."
CS: "Well, I noticed that you have been using the kids ones."
Me: "I just use whatever's in the pew."
CS: "Well, this way you have your own and I'll just assign you a number. You can have envelopes, you know."
Me (as I looked at Jess and started to really chuckle out loud): "Well....I'm not really a member here."
Jess BUSTED out laughing
CS (a little flustered): "Well, you can still have envelopes. It's easier to track."

So I have envelopes now! Those, along with the ones for the other church that I used to frequent (Ole's church), should help me to donate somehow to the church.

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