21 January 2013

Les Miz!

Today was a big day for me. I got to see Les Miserables again - this time on the big screen. The movie came out in December, but M had no interest in going ("It's all singing, isn't it?"), so when Kari and I made plans to get together, we decided this would be an ideal event (since her husband didn't want to go either).

I'm so glad we did. Even if the stage show will always be superior, the movie was pretty good. I was impressed with the editing - especially during "I dreamed a dream" where basically the camera was just on Anne Hathaway the entire time. Up close, tight shot, and on the big screen, you could just feel the emotion running through her. I was bawling like a baby - and I couldn't even chalk it up to hormones (though I'm sure that helped).

I still think I prefer it on stage, mostly because the acting and set is so powerful, but this was good. And it was nice to have a girl's day even if it was only in the theater, snacking on popcorn and sipping a slushy. :)

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