20 October 2012

Expo time!

Each year, Mom and I have a date. We go to the Expo for Her in town and make a day of it. We get there early, of course, so we can get the free goodie bag. You have to get there early because they only give out 100. So we make camp.

One year, I called Bridget and asked her to bring us lunch because we couldn't leave the line once we got there. The next year we camped out with cribbage, books and snacks and then ran stuff out to the car just before they opened the doors.

This year, we calmed down a bit and just brought a few snacks. I skipped the purse and just carried my water and such in a drawstring bag that I could carry on my back. We end up getting one of those reusable bags, so it's just easier not to carry a purse and have so much more to handle through the crowds. The reusable bag is bad enough.

Once we get inside, we immediately head to a chair area to go through our bag. This year we did stop for wine samples first.  Note to self: If you find a sample you like, buy it right away. I went back today and the wine I liked was already sold out. *shakes head*

The goodie bag actually is worth the time we sit on a cold, tile floor for hours waiting to get in. One year I got a t-shirt. The last couple years we've gotten plants. There's always good samples in and sometimes just fun stuff. This year I got a headband - one of those stretchy ones - and this one actually stays on my head.

But the best part of it all is that Mom and I get to spend some time together. I love these days. It's a nice break from reality and mother/daughter time is always good.

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