30 September 2012

Tulsa, baby

I was selected, luckily, to go on a work trip for a symposium on issues relating to our enlisted folks. It was really exciting and I was curious what issue I was going to get assigned. Five of us flew down to Tulsa - Chief U, Chief W, Ross, Brittnie and me. Our hotel room was awesome. Basically it was going to be this big symposium with a dinner that night with a presentation of the Order of the Sword.

The Order of the Sword is huge in the enlisted world. We present it to one officer who has really championed for the enlisted man/woman and our recipient this year was one of the best. And, for fun, I got to wear my mess dress, which I don't get to very often. :)

 I know this one is blurry, but Brittnie was nervous taking the picture. That's LtGen Harry "Bud" Wyatt. He's AWESOME. :) I'm so excited to meet him...and the man is TALL.

Our group - Chief U, me, Ross, Brittnie, and Chief W.

On our last night, we headed out for some fun on the town. We ended up at a bar drinking crap beer (it was cheap) and watching the Wisconsin/Nebraska game. We had a good time and a lot of laughs.

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