31 May 2011

Finishing up May

After Fargo, I spent the week traveling. I had a work conference the day after we got back - just an overnighter but still. Then I spent a couple nights at home prepping and packing for my trip to Maryland to see my OOB and his family.

My second nephew graduated high school this weekend and it was fun to go out and see it. AJ has always been a quiet kid, and this weekend was no exception. I did get a chance to get a few conversations in with him and he was pretty funny. I think he thought I was just crazy and odd because he kept laughing at me. :)

The weekend was good. Mom and I flew in on Thursday and OOB picked us up. We went out for crab cakes (yay!) and so we didn't get to OOB's place until almost 2230. Granted they're an hour ahead of my normal time, but I usually go to bed at 2130, so I was ready to crash. I won the air mattress (so mom could have the bed) and proceeded to sleep.

The next morning I got up for a run. OOB had given me some options for routes so I took off and tried out one up the road. Other than the slim shoulder on the way to the development I ran through, it was a great run. MD was HUMID so that sucked. When I got back, OOB and OOB's Wife (SIL or OOBW, depending on my mood) started working in the yard to finish up some landscaping. I got bored so I found a pair of my nephew's old soccer cleats and went out to help. I ended up raking mulch and then power spraying the concrete. It was fun to get some yardwork done, even if it wasn't mine.

Friday night was the Senior Awards Banquet. AJ got quite a few awards...but then again, he's a smart kid. I was tired so I became bored...but alas. I think a lot of people were bored. Then only excitement was the horrendous thunderstorm that came through while we were there. When we got home we discovered that a limb came down on the tree in the backyard, solidifying Mom's powers of felling trees*.

Saturday I got up for a run, but opted to walk with Mom first. We went around the neighborhood loop - 5 times around for 3 miles. Mom hadn't walked enough the day before so we needed to get her some steps. Afterward OOB made waffles which are my favorite so I had 3 and then needed to go run again. So I went around the loop again for another 3 miles. When I got back it was time for graduation. It was a great ceremony. We followed that up with Japanese Hibachi and OOB and I had sushi for appetizers. MMMMmmmmmm. Loving me the sushi. :)

Sunday another run was in order but I ended up running errands with OOB and helping set up for the graduation party instead. This was a fun day though because I also ended up being the cool aunt and helping my almost 13-yr-old niece learn the ins and outs of how to swim when Mr. Friendly is visiting. OOBW felt bad, like she was being a bad mom because she couldn't help her daughter, but I had to absolve her of that - I know few girls who feel comfortable talking to their mom about that stuff. So AME and I had a nice chat and eventually she "beat Mr. Friendly" and spent the afternoon swimming.

I got in a little lounging in the pool too. I was so glad I had remembered my swimsuit this time. I spent part of the party early on by the pool getting a little pink, then after the kids had left, I floated around for about an hour. It was great. AJ came home from his parties and we chatted some more. He opened his cards/gifts and then set up his class schedule for college next fall. He was excited to get his courses assigned right away but got a little overwhelmed when he was seeing all the classes he has to take. He's going into Civil Engineering, and I think he's going to do great. I'm really excited for him.

Monday I got a run in while it was nice and humid in the morning - another 3 miler. Then we helped OOBW's parents move into a new place. Then a shower, some lunch and headed to the airport for a fun little adventure back home. Home was having a horrible storm covering the entire east side of the state, so we were diverted and put on a bus to get home. Pretty crazy trip. We didn't get in until 0130 this morning. Uffda.

So today I have been recovering from the trip, checking in at work, doing some laundry and making plans for yard work (it's windier than hell here so I have to divert my mowing until tomorrow). I'm really glad to be home. Dorothy was right, "There's no place like home."

*There's a running joke that whenever Mom goes to visit OOB, OOB loses a tree. The last time (or the time before) that she was there, there was a lightening strike that took down their front yard tree. This trip took down only a limb, but as we were walking around the neighborhood the next morning we discovered quite a few trees down. Mom's power has grown. :)

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