05 September 2010

Canning, Running, and Recipes

So I know I haven't written in a long while. I have had things going on, but I haven't had a chance to blog. For one, I have been really busy - good busy, but still busy. And for two, and the bigger reason, my computer has been messed up royally.

A few weeks back i was heading on a trip and so I had the comm nazi's at work clean up my personal computer and load a couple programs I needed for work. That was all well and good and Kenny G did a great job. But he also removed one of my paid-for AntiVirus programs and loaded a free one we use at work. Fine and good. It worked for a week...then i got a virus. Then it disappeared by the time I got my computer home for him to check on...then it came back but worse. So he fixed it. At least I thought he had, but it took a couple reboots for it to actually take.

Now I'm up and running again, literally and figuratively.

After my last post MS and I spent some time catching up since I had been gone for so long. Then I went to the Guthrie to see "The Scottsboro Boys" which is by far one of the best musicals I have seen in a long time. And the bonus is that after it leaves the Guthrie it's heading to Broadway! So I've seen it before Broadway snobs! YAY!

Last Monday, MS and I went to his aunt and uncle's for a lesson in canning. We made salsa and had a great time. We finished earlier than we thought we would and so Dianne and I made a couple apple pies too. I made the crust from scratch, natch, and she peeled the apples. Basically I made it though and it turned out really well. It was nice to know that I could do that from memory.

Then a busy busy week was upon me. Trainings, catch-up from being gone, budget woes, meetings, planning, etc. It was busy but great. I attempted salsa on my own one night while MS was away and that was a pain...I highly recommend doing that with friends. It took forever and the recipe I used (different from the Monday one) only yielded 3 pints. Blech. Oh well.

On top of all of that I realized that I am 5 weeks from a marathon and 2 from a half, so I got back in my running groove. I started up at the right time of year - no humidity and great temps. I got in 20 miles last week (7.5 yesterday) and took today off to give my knees a break. It starts back up tomorrow.

I really need to drop 10 pounds in the next 4 weeks so i'll be at last year's running weight. I'd be happy with 7, but 10 would be awesome.

Today I canned minestrone soup. Not sure if that was a smart thing, but it seemed to work. We'll have to try it in a week or so and see how if it still tastes as good as it smelled when I was making it.

Which leads me to my big question - what do all my cooking friends out there do for recipe gathering and storing and filing? I have a ton - books, internet print-outs, magazines, calendars, etc - and I'm looking for a good way to file them. I thought about setting up a blog and tagging them so I could access them anywhere, and I might still do that with a big disclaimer that these aren't mine but just reprinted and probably without permission. But looking for other methods too. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I use a lame binder...and only look in it when I want to find a recipe I'm thinking about. There are so many in there that I thought I'd use...but I never have. I like your blog idea...make sure you send me a link when you get industrious! ::boobs::

Edith said...

I am in the process of organizing all my recipes on colored 3x5 cards - in various categories - desserts, soups, main courses, breads...I also have the crazy recipes on scraps of paper of various sizes, and in a variety of cookbooks, and want to be better organized. IT was my hope to get it finished at the infodesk, but alas I will now have to do it while Amanda is napping! :) Good luck with your organizing of recipes! Miss you friend! E